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Outside of sales promotions ran on the site, we do our best to ship orders for in stock product within just a few business days. If you ordered a build to order item (rifle, pistol, upper or barrel) a lead time is listed on the product page. If you want a status update, feel free to email our team and they will be happy to help you with your request:

We only provide information regarding an order with the party that placed it with us. Please contact your dealer to initiate a status check.

We do offer a military and law enforcement discount good for anything in stock and available on our website. We just need you to email us from your military or law enforcement issued email address to verify. We will then email you back the discount code which can be used during online checkout.

Our call in hours are as follows:  10 a.m. – 3 p.m. pst Monday – Thursday and 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. pst on Friday.  Hours can change during different times of the year.

Dealers across the country order Noveske product direct or through distribution. Please contact you local gun stores to locate a Noveske Dealer. If local is not an option, there are many online retailers. Contact our team and they will be happy to assist! 

We are currently not taking backorders direct for these categories of products. Please check back though, this is only temporary! 

Yes, despite external dimensions being identical, 5.56 NATO ammunition is a higher pressure round than commercial .223. If your rifle is chambered in .223 only .223 should be used as using .556 NATO can create an unsafe high pressure condition. If your rifle is chambered in 5.56 NATO it is safe to fire both .223 and 5.56 NATO.  All of our rifles are safe to shoot either.

Our barrels are made to be very accurate and are more than capable of shooting sub MOA, but we do not guarantee it. The reason being is that there are way too many variables that affect accuracy that are out of our control such as weather conditions, choice of ammo, how your rifle is built and configured, the headspace of the bolt to the barrel, your optics and how they’re mounted/calibrated-even your trigger finger and skill as a shooter. These are things that we have no control over. If one or more of those variables are not correct, your accuracy can be greatly affected.

Brand name Factory Brass cased ammo. We currently do not endorse any one particular type as not all ammunition produces the same results. We recommend visiting the range with a variety of ammunition and finding what best suits your rifle.

Ammunition selection is very important. Not all ammunition is designed for use in an auto-loading firearm. We like to see ammunition used in our rifles that is made specifically for auto loaders; this is especially important in 7.62mm rifles. The brass should be manufactured to military standards with hard brass, staked primers, and tight neck seals or crimped necks. The projectile should be an FMJ, OTM, or plastic tipped design to allow for a smooth transition from the magazine to the chamber. If you experience dropped primers, discontinue the use of that ammunition. Dropped primers may become lodged in the weapon, resulting in a serious stoppage. Soft brass can result in the flow of brass into the ejector hole of the bolt face. When the bolt rotates out of battery, the bolt shears off the brass that flowed and can create unwanted debris in the firearm. The tip of soft-tipped ammunition can become deformed during the feed cycle, resulting in a stoppage. Blunt tipped projectiles may create stoppages by impacting the receiver or magazine during the feeding process.

We do not recommend Steel cased ammo in our rifles ever.

Your Leonidas rifle has been extensively tuned to run all types of ammo. In general, shooting heavier bullets will make the gun run harder and faster. While lighter bullets will make the gun run softer and slower. We have tested ammo from 110 grain varmint ammo to 180 grain match ammo with great reliability. If you plan on using a suppressor on our NON Switchblock Leonidas, we highly recommend using lighter bullets. The Noveske 110 Grain Varmeggeddon by Nosler is a great choice. The use of our Switchblock on the Leonidas will make it possible to run a larger variation of ammo while maintaining great reliability.

Although we do not offer this service, it can be done. However doing so would void the warranty.

There can be many reasons your order wasn’t processed, but the number one reason is that an order was missing information and the status changed  to “Hold” .   Orders placed with incomplete or missing information may be cancelled.

We reserve the right not ship to addresses associated with international shipment facilities.

Yes we do and we thank you for your service!  What you will need to do is email some kind of credentials to  You will also need to make an account on  Once we have verified your credentials, we will update your user role on the account settings so that when you are logged into your account, your discount will automatically apply. 

Absolutely, they are built to mil-specs and should interchange with other mil-spec components.

Cerakote is applied over the anodizing to offer a superior finish along with extreme durability. This also allows us to color match hues between pieces which at times can vary with anodizing.

Do the pivot/takedown pins fit? If yes, then it fits just fine. The mil-spec scale is too broad to obtain that “perfect” fit every time between uppers and lowers therefore it cannot be guaranteed. If it is a little tight or a little loose, the function of your rifle will not be affected. The only way to obtain that perfect Noveske fit is on a complete factory rifle.

Contact our team and they will happily email instructions

Our outdated cleaning instructions say to take the cone out to clean it. After thousands of rounds and years of R&D, we do not suggest or advise to taking it apart. The cleaning instructions have since been updated. We apologize for any confusion.

Our stainless barrels are made to fill a precision role while retaining flawless function. Retaining accuracy and reliability is a complicated balance in that the chamber needs to be slightly modified from the NATO specifications to improve bullet hook-up in the throat, while keeping to functional properties of the NATO body dimensions. The result is our proprietary Noveske chambering. The steel used is a type of 416R and hardened to about 30 HRC prior to any machining. These barrels are button rifled with our proprietary PT buttons. This rifling profile differs from that in the chrome lined barrel line in that the lands have a slightly more trapezoidal shape. This design and the type of stainless used helps the lead edge of the rifling from eroding as fast as it might with conventional rifling, and the barrels tend to outlast others. For use in any precision application, we recommend the stainless barrel for its edge in accuracy and excellent reliability.

Our chrome lined barrels are cold hammer forged and made with the material callouts and manufacturing process for the M249 Machine Gun barrel. The cold hammer forging process hardens the steel around a rifled mandrel, which creates the lands and grooves. These barrels are chambered in 5.56mm NATO. The barrel is then chrome lined to the spec for a M249 Machine Gun barrel, which is about twice as thick as that of an M4 barrel. The end result is a rifle that can be run hard day after day. Having been part of many excellent training opportunities, we have seen how a barrel may experience serious trauma from high rates of fire and sustained high temperatures. For any high round count, high temp, heavy shooting, we recommend our chrome lined barrel.

Our GEN 3 NSR, NHR and NQR have an ID of 1.315”. The KX3 will not fit but the KX5 will. 

Our Gen 4 NSR have an ID of 1.46″ and the KX3 and KX5 will both fit.

Barrel life is a variable, as the point at which any given shooter becomes dissatisfied with the weapon’s accuracy will differ. We do not make any claim as to how long a barrel will last, as the use, care, and environmental conditions are different for each person. What you can expect is that the barrel will serve you well. Think of a barrel as a perishable item, like a car engine; if you constantly red line it, you’ll be back in the engine shop sooner than a grandma who buys groceries once a week.

The Noveske Switchblock® is a light weight, simple and durable gas block designed to regulate the increased flow of gas caused by use of a sound suppressor.

The Switchblock is adjusted by rotating selector drum, which is locked in position during operation. It is designed as a stress free & reliable feature which is easily understood & used by shooters in adverse conditions. If the selector drum must be rotated while it is too hot to operate by hand, a cartridge tip or most other pointed tools can be used to positively rotate the selector drum by means of a small dimple in the selector drum locking tab.

The Switchblock has three positions; Unsuppressed, Suppressed, and OFF. The OFF position is intended for single shot operation to reduce weapon sound signature and control spent cartridge ejection. In the OFF position, no propellant gasses travel into the gas tube effectively halting the cycle of operation at the point of firing.

Barrel length and NFA regulations are quite simple. A short barreled rifle is a shoulder fired rifle with a barrel length under 16” and an overall length under 26”. Those of us Citizens in free states are eligible to purchase these rifles as individuals by passing a background check with the FBI, having your CLEO sign that he has no reason to think that you will use the weapon in a criminal manner, and by paying a one-time $200 tax to the ATF. In most cases, your dealer will handle this process for you. You only need to choose an FFL dealer in your state of residence who is licenced to handle NFA weapons. Remember that a 14.5” barrel with a pinned and welded muzzle device which creates an overall length over 16” is not an NFA regulated firearm. You can order the rifle through your dealer.Our staff can assist you with finding a dealer in your area.

We are often asked if we offer a gas piston system. The answer is no. Not because piston systems are bad, but because I feel they are misapplied to the m16 family of weapons. There are many fine piston systems out there that have been winning wars for decades. If you want a gas piston operated system, I recommend the following weapons: M14, AK47, FAL, SKS, SAW, M240, etc.

The Noveske 300 AAC BLACKOUT is designed to run optimally firing both subsonic suppressed and supersonic unsuppressed. This barrel is tuned to lock back on the last round using subsonic 220 and 208 grain ammunition with a sound suppressor. The firearm may not lock back with subsonic 220 and 208 grain ammunition without a sound suppressor. Also, the subsonic 300 BLK ammunition is more susceptible to a malfunction due to carbon fouling and adverse conditions than supersonic ammunition. 

Noveske Rifleworks LLC will not be responsible for damage or injury under ANY circumstances. Consult you suppressor manufacturer to determine if your suppressor is suitable for this application.

Not directly. An exclusive Noveske airsoft line is produced by Evike.

You can find a link to information for Sezzle here and Credova here.

Our minimums for using these programs are $200 for Sezzle and $300 for Credova.

If you are interested in becoming an official Noveske Rifleworks dealer, please contact: for West Coast for East Coast


Chainsaw will now be Noveske’s forged product offering based on a hybrid of our Gen 1 and Gen 4 designs. We have modified the basic M4 look to match our Gen 4 aesthetic lines and smooth fit.  Noveske will offer Chainsaw in three barrel lengths and two calibers to meet your needs.
This product line, as its name suggests, is intended for hard and practical use. It will be Noveske’s utilitarian offering, with the same quality and dependability, at a price point open to more users.

The following is the correct color codes for our rifles:

H-190  Armor Black

H-265 Flat Dark Earth

H-189 Bazooka Green

H-234 Sniper Grey

H-187 Tiger Eye Brown

Anodizing is an electrolytic passivation process used to increase the thickness of the natural oxide layer on the surface of metal parts. Anodic films are most commonly applied to aluminum alloys. This process changes the microscopic texture of the surface and the crystal structure of the metal near the surface. Anodic films are generally stronger and more adherent than most types of paint and metal plating.

Our receivers are made from 7075- T6 aluminum alloy and our handguards are made from 6005-T5 aluminum alloy.  Because of the difference in the aluminum alloy used for these parts, there will always be a difference in the color.  Noveske has historically used a brighter colored black anodizing for our anodized parts but have recently moved to a flatter matte anodizing for consistency and surface finish.

Because of the nature of the anodize process, we cannot guarantee a color match between anodize parts. We hand select the anodize parts used on our Chainsaw rifle/upper line to ensure as close of a color match as possible. But when selling anodize parts individually, we cannot guarantee a color match.