Switchblock® Clamp-On 5.56mm

Switchblock® Clamp-On 5.56mm


Legal Notices:

Each Switchblock® model is designed for a specific caliber, barrel length, and gas system length.

The Clamp-On Switchblock® is a complete assembly with gas tube for use on barrels that are .750″ diameter at the front sight.

The Switchblock® is machined from 17-4ph stainless with a durable matte black nitride finish. The unit is secured to the barrel by 2 allen head cap screws.

The Clamp-On Switchblock® is designed for installation by an experienced armorer or gunsmith. Supplied with gas tube, wrench, and instructions. The Switchblock® cannot be installed with standard plastic handguards and does not fit under a railed or tubular handguard.

Switchblock® is a registered trademark of Noveske Rifleworks LLC, and is patented, US patent number 7,856,917.

We recommend a pinned gas block for Military, Law Enforcement, and Self Defense use. Rifles, Uppers, and Barrels are available with a pinned Switchblock® for these applications.

To allow access to the Switchblock®, it cannot be covered up by a handguard. The longest handguard that can be used with a carbine gas system is 7″ and a 9″ for the mid-length, intermediate, and rifle length.

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10.5" Carbine, 11.5" Carbine, 12.5" Carbine, 12.5" Carbine (6.8mm), 14.5" – 16" Carbine, 14.5" Mid, 16" Mid, 18" Mid, 18" Intermediate, 18" Rifle, 20" Rifle