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Saker ASR Series Fact Sheet

  • Category: Rifle — Hard Use
  • Compatible Accessories: Charlie & ASR
  • Caliber: 5.56 NATO
  • Weight:  14.3 oz
  • Length:  5.90”
  • Diameter: 1.50″
  • Materials: Cobalt 6, 17–4 SS, & 316 SS
  • Best Features: Full-auto rated, no barrel restrictions, patented Hoplon Blast Baffle for additional wear resistance
  • Ships With: Charlie ASR Mount, .223 1/2×28 ASR Flash Hider, (2) Charlie Basic Tools, Charlie Multitool, and manual

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Legal Notices:

The Saker line is a heavy-duty, 5.56 NATO / .223 Rem dedicated suppressor line comprising both the Saker ASR 556 and ASR 556K. It features several design cues never before included in one centerfire rifle suppressor, until this creation. The Saker line was originally introduced as one of the first centerfire rifle suppressors to include a full Cobalt 6 core. This is a critical factor for withstanding high heat and pressure associated with high rates of fire for prolonged periods of time.

Another key feature of the Cobalt 6 core is the introduction of the Hoplon Baffle which is designed to be more wear-resistant than a traditional conical shaped blast baffle when mounted to short-barreled rifles. Because of its solid construction, there are no barrel restrictions for the Saker ASR. The Saker ASR line is also the first in its class to offer several adaptable features such as removable and replaceable front cap options (including a standard flat front cap, flash hider front cap and stand-off front cap) and the interchange-ability of mounts using the Charlie ASR Mount or Charlie DTMs.

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