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Tactician Trays are handmade in Massachusetts! They are made from thermally modified ash wood and hand oiled with food safe oil finish. Easily touched up in the future with any kind of food safe oil finish. The holster bar on the right side accommodates most holsters. The holster clip or belt loops go around the bar and hold the gun/ holster vertical for easy access. The charging dock works with any phone/earbuds that are compatible with wireless charging, however, watch charging is specific to the Apple Watch. The back wall of the tray is magnetized with rare earth magnets.

“The tray was designed from the ground up by me. My biggest need in the design was to be able to store my gun in a safe place and still have quick access. Then the need to charge my gear and store everything. So the tactician tray was born.”- Bryan Silva

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Weight 5 lbs