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To our Sweet Customers and Friends!

We hope this email finds you well in health and spirit!!!

While everything outside of our shop walls continues to change on the daily, our team has been able to enjoy a sense of normalcy by continuing to work at full capacity. Grateful AF, thankful and ready to serve you!  

We are experiencing an unusually high volume of sales and customer service requests. As such, we have decided to temporarily stop taking incoming phone calls to maintain an acceptable turnaround time in order processing. Please check our FAQ section on the site as a first source of information. If you are unable to find the info you are looking for there, please send an email to We understand that speaking with someone directly is always ideal and hope to be able to resume taking phone calls lickity-frickety-split!

As we navigate the weirdest sh*t any of us have really ever experienced as modern Americans, PLEASE KNOW WE APPRECIATE YOU!!! YOUR ORDERS ARE BEING PROCESSED! WE ARE HERE FOR YOU!

We hope you are all well, and if you have that cough… we hope you are better soon!!! Noveske continues to love you!

*Thank you so much for your support* 


Lorina Noveske,
Owner of the Baddest Rifle Company Ever