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Noveske Bona Fide Machined Pen

As low as $100.00
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Made from solid aluminum bar stock, and coated in the same badass color as your Noveske Rifle. Precision machined for your pleasure.

You will be writing with this pen a lot. Lucky for you this pen takes refills. The pen comes with one black and one blue SCHMIDT® easyFLOW 9000 refills.

When you’re in the middle of writing down your memoirs, and the ink gets a little thin, remove the old refill and toss it. Or keep it--we're not your mother. Just pick up a standard Parker G2 style refill or Fisher Space Pen pressurized refill (like what they use in outer space). Use the Parker adapter that comes with the Fisher Space Pen refills. 

Now, finish writing your memoirs so your kids will know how good a fisherman, lover, or whatever it is you do when you’re not shooting a Noveske Rifle.

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