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B.E. Meyers 249 ASR (OMEGA) Flash Hider

B.E. Meyers 249 ASR (OMEGA) Flash Hider

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Designed by the two engineering teams from B.E. Meyers and Silencerco, the 556 ASR brings the top tier flash suppression capability of the renowned and proven B.E. Meyers 249F and mates it with the the precision suppressor mounting capability required from Silencerco and Specwar suppressors using the ASR mounting standard.  Melonited for extreme corrosion and rust resistance, and designed to handle the harsh environments inside a suppressor, this mount delivers maximum performance and flexibility. 

    • Finish:  Melonite Steel
    • Length:  2.560" (Overall)
    • Diameter:  0.960"
    • 1/2x28" TPI Muzzle Thread
    • Wrench flats for easy installation, no timing necessary
    • Compatible with SilencerCo Omega and SWR Specwar suppressors that use the Active Spring Retention (ASR™) mount
    • Compatible with barrels as short as 14.0" to make a 16.00" OAL barrel when permanently attached
      • This muzzle device is NOT long enough to bring 13.7" barrels to 16.00"